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Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for checking out the link to read abit of my story. 

 You know how some of the time we can feel like no-one really gets what we are feeling? The reality is that, more people than we realise really do know how you are feeling right now and I too know how you are feeling. 

I recently faced one of the hardest moments of my life and at times found myself within moments of not only making the decision to end my life but almost attempting it too. The reasons why I never got to that point can only be explained by realizing that someone was holding my head above water the whole time.

As I am sure you will know, that life can feel pretty rubbish at times. We can lose someone that we really love, we can watch a loved one suffer terrribly, we can find ourselves in a situation of great trauma or tragedy that will alter our way of understanding of life and people, we can lose faith and trust in those that have hurt us or bullied us  in one way or another -  We can reach that place of feeling so alone, so hurt so broken....that we feel like the ony way to change what is happening to to no longer exist.

In these very broken moments, we lose the hope to carry on, we lose the will to keep fighting, we get tired of the struggle.........we feel like there is just no way forward, that nothing is going to change or get better. This may feel like the case in these very difficult and desperate moments but truthfully as someone who knows - these things can be overcome - not overnight but they can in time. 
You see what I have realised, is that when we come face to face with those broken places we find ourselves in, we try to fight it and overcome these things in our own strength.......which is maybe so often why the battles become so overwhelming.

The thing is, is that when all our strength is used up and gone and we have nothing left.........He is the One who will be and who will always have been our strength to carry on even when we  felt like we couldn't and He can be that for all of us. You know those days when you it took every inch of your being to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other...................don't you just wonder what that was,  that was lifting you up and helping you to put one foot in front of the other

If am am honest with you, I learnt what that inner strength and hope to carry on was and I am pretty sure that I would'nt be alive today without the strength,  hope and the love of Christ that has been pumped into every part of my being  when I too was faced with being overwhelmed with life and all that was happening.   They say that sometimes you have to go through something in order to understand and help those who are going through the same thing......

That is why I put together the What If You Waited - Suicide Prevention Project because experiencing this stuff myself, I wanted others to know that they are not alone, that you can overcome what you are feeling and facing right now and that it doesn't have to be the end of your story but instead the start of a new and/or a different chapter for your life and that the scars that you carry.....can be scars of hope for others.....that they too can overcome.

If reading this and you are facing that difficult place right now.....and if getting to know the Lord Jesus is something you feel would help you right now then talking is all you need to do. Praying is like talking to can share anything with Him, even
 all the stuff you are feeling right now is ok to share  with Him too. The reason I share this with you is becuase I have come to know the help and the change that has happened in my life since I first talked to Jesus. Of course there are still difficult and challenging times when life can just seem too hard but the Jesus I know can hold your head above the water too and help you to overcome what you are facing right now......this doesn’t have to be the end.

Please know that I will be praying for you, the person reading this who is struggling right now because your life matters to matters to more people than you can see right now and you are deeply loved by God......YOUR LIFE MATTERS AND YOU ARE DEEPLY LOVED.

If you need help please go to your doctor and seek help or reach out to someone you trust

But also - please be aware that I am not a qualified professional that can offer advice but simply one who wants to see lives changed where suicide no longer feels like the only option. 

If you would like to leave your story of how things have changed in your life through this project then please go to our contacts page where you will find the email would be great to hear your story

Keep clicking back to this page from time to time as the project expands with more information and links to the help you may need right now

God bless you all and you are in my prayers


Rev. Kelly Wellman

Church of the Redeemer
Birmingham, UK

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